• Abu Dhabi International Airport– supplied all scanners and face recognition for the airport (IRES scanners) in 2008.
  • Turkey:– Implementing MDRS Systems in 2007.
  • Palestine:–  Currently in the process of implementing a new project in Ramallah in a joint venture to open a Thermo valorization Plant of the latest technology with STR and other partners.
  • Romania:– Currently in the process of implementing a joint venture agreement with Supercom and STR for the first thermo valorization plant.
    • Building a new port including the Canal and all access area  around the port, with in a joint venture with our group.
  • Egypt:–  Starting the agreement with Heliopolis University and STR for supplying the movable photo voltage EOS1 model by implementing a model on the ground for Egypt and the Middle East.
  • SGWN: Signed an agreement with HAB & JPR Privee Group of Companies for development of renewable energy