MS-Simonco (multi biometric application)

MS-Simonco multi biometric solution helps banks and organizations to increase customer trust and user experience by providing  high security levels and a frictionless process.

MS-Simonco multi biometric technology provides wide array of security solutions to help banks and organizations provide 100% secured services either by using on-line services, mobile applications, call centre services, ATM service, access controls, etc.

Online transactions

The combination of biometric authentication (voice + face,  face + voice) available on the MS app results in a OTP (if  login successful), which can be used as replacement for  permanent passwords for web login (any device supported -­‐  desktops, ipads, mobile).

Mobile banking login

MS offers an easy frictionless login with verification of personal biometrics which allows a perfectly safe login by ensuring that the user is 100% accurately identified. This translates to the ability for consumers to carry out their transactions easily from the app with no further hassle.

ATM transactions

MS gives the user the opportunity to  identify themselves via their unique biometric signature (face, voice,  fingerprint) upon which a temporary OTP or barcode is received. This OTP or barcode replaces the permanent pincode and can be used in combination with GPS tracking or supported by NFC, to assure the  organisation that the user is indeed at the local ATM where the  transaction withdrawal is carried out.

Controlling the access

Access control provided by MS ensures that visitors as well as employees are indeed who they mean, and it can even track their movements in the building so you always know they are safe and in the right location. Accessing  the building with MS technology is done easily and is  more secure than any other system.

Simonco IT Developments with Saftaş

Simonco IT Development with Saftaş is specialized in the niche segment of information and communication technologies mainly for government organizations and multinational corporations as well as developing high performance and high capacity information acquisition and processing systems more over 20 years.

They deliver critical information analysis, collection, processing and management solutions geared towards the need of governments and corporations. In addition to that, Simonco IT Developments with Saftaş employs the technology that it develops. Their solutions do not depend on neither hardware nor software vendors, thus enabling self sustainability for the company.


1- Insight reader

Social Media Monitoring: InsightRadar is our open source intelligence solution based on social media and the internet. It provides screening of news and blog sources from the internet as well as social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. InsightRadar constantly monitors social media messages to determine the nature of conversation and provide in depth analysis tools for the assessment of possible threats and acts as an early warning system for the social media.

2- Mobile device registry system (MDRS)

MDRS is a module that enables the control on GSM networks and provides assistance to conventional field intelligence to gain more relevant information for possible illegal activities related to GSM network as well as theft, cloning and illegal call terminations performed by blackboxing.

MDRS is designed for the governments to enable them to have full control as a regulatory body on the GSM networks within the borders of their countries.