Stop Global Warming Now (SGWN) is a system that combines several multidicisplinary theories starting from the theory of the gyroscope to the classical physics including such a series of sciences, like physics, mathematics, rational mechanics, mechanical engineering, geodesy, geophysics electro technology. The technology aims for the production of clean and renewable energy.

Solar Power Solutions

Solar Energy Catcher,  EOS1 is a distributed Concentrated High-Efficiency Solar Cogeneration CPVT System.

Eos1 consists of:

  1. A linear parabolic mirror
  2. A thermo-photovoltaic linear receiver.
  3. A 2-axis solar tracking & handling system The movement system directs the concentrator in the direction of the sun during daylight hours, the dish focuses the rays, and the receiver converts them into thermal and electric energy.
Waste to Energy

Simonco Holdings have different size of waste to energy solutions,  Eco-friendly,  cost effective and high-efficient.

Our solutions use the latest international technologies to convert the municipal solid waste to electricity power after 100% automated process of sorting.