Stop Global Warming Now (SGWN) is a system that combines several multidicisplinary theories starting from the theory of the gyroscope to the classical physics including such a series of sciences, like physics, mathematics, rational mechanics, mechanical engineering, geodesy, geophysics electro technology. The technology aims for the production of clean and renewable energy. Solar Power Solutions […]


    On the pleasant shore of the french riviera, about half way between Marseilles and the Italian border, stands a large, proud, rose-colored hotel.


    Affordable housing is a global opportunity whose build-out could provide a massive economic stimulus. Our building system provides: Integrated systems for energy autonomous housing and buildings Use of recycled materials combined with traditional building materials A five (5) step process to create a finished structure in seven (7) days Jobs for local unskilled labor Presanella […]


    Abu Dhabi International Airport– supplied all scanners and face recognition for the airport (IRES scanners) in 2008. Turkey:– Implementing MDRS Systems in 2007. Palestine:–  Currently in the process of implementing a new project in Ramallah in a joint venture to open a Thermo valorization Plant of the latest technology with STR and other partners. Romania:– Currently […]

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