Affordable housing is a global opportunity whose build-out could provide a massive economic stimulus. Our building system provides:

  • Integrated systems for energy autonomous housing and buildings
  • Use of recycled materials combined with traditional building materials
  • A five (5) step process to create a finished structure in seven (7) days
  • Jobs for local unskilled labor

Presanella – A Home for All

Presanella’s theme conspires of a low cost home for all, the main material used is plastic (mostly recycled plastic), plastic is used to produce all the pieces that make up the house ranging from the formwork, the igloo, the types of bricks used to build the main building structure and the trusses, purlins and beams to support the roof cover. All the pieces are internationally patented by Presanella as well as properties are the molds for the production of each component.

To build a 80 square meter surface we recycle about 2,500 kg of plastic.

Presanella’s patented bricks allows the building of houses with a high standard, in little time at a very low cost.